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Research and innovation

Demonstration of research initiatives, technological achievements and innovative solutions for the search, exploration and production of geothermal resources in Ukraine.

advocacy and politics

Participation in the development of proposals for legal regulation and changes to regulatory acts in the field of geothermal energy development and subsoil use in Ukraine.
Participation in the development of rational political and financial mechanisms for the stimulation of geoenergy and the possibility of practical implementation of projects to develop in the energy market of Ukraine.
Access to relevant (research) information, individual industry standards and protocols, innovations and investment opportunities.

Scientific & educational activities and information campaigns:

Our educational programs aim to bridge the knowledge gap and empower professionals, students and communities with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding of geothermal energy projects specifics. Geothermal Ukraine offers seminars, training sessions and workshops to build geothermal capacity in Ukraine and promote careers in the geothermal energy sector.
Organization of forums and conferences to engage communities, students, professionals and stakeholders to exchange experience and knowledge about geothermal energy, its benefits and role in sustainable energy solutions.
Geothermal Ukraine disseminates information, shares case studies and success stories and encourages discussions around geothermal energy by publications, websites, social media and platforms.

International сollaborations

Geothermal Ukraine collaborates with state and local authorities, scientific institutes and universities, relevant business structures, intergovernmental and international organizations to share best practices, expertise, and resources for the widespread adoption of geothermal energy in Ukraine.